Hello everyone, this is Victoriya Vishnyakova

I am a science journalist, so I write and publish.

I am a nutritionist, so I mainly write about food and nutrition.

I can talk about nutrition in all available ways , but most often in text.

What did I do?

Here is a selection of cool articles in various media

She wrote a petition to change the norm of nutrition for children in kindergartens and spoke with it at the Congress of the Union of Pediatricians.

Wrote a Tutorial for the most famous popular science magazine in Russia  — to understand everything at once and no longer rush from diet to diet

Scientific Supervisor of the Nutrition Course at Psychodemia


And sometimes I say

Here is a selection of podcasts with me. You can not only read about nutrition and a healthy relationship with food but also listen.

I`m a webinar speaker and have online lessons on various educational platforms. For example, in the Skolkovo Technopark or I defend Olivier with mayonnaise in Psychodemia


Recording of the lecture “How to build a balanced diet if I do not eat fish”

Guide  challenge «How to eat vegetables daily»

Made a course on balanced nutrition for VkusVill

I have a blog on Instagram and a telegram channel where I post news from the world of nutritional science

Challenge » Children and vegetables » — if you understand that vegetables are needed, but the children are categorically against — welcome to us! (goes in streams, before paying, find out about the places)

I help to make a menu for kindergartens, schools and other childcare facilities.

The best way to contact me is via telegram @vic_vishnyakov or write to vic@vishnyakov.net


What I have NOT done and will not do:

I do not advertise or promote dietary supplements or drugs with unproven effectiveness

I do not write custom texts about the usefulness of what is not approved by the scientific community

I do not participate in any events related to alternative medicine, homeopathy and other areas that are not based on evidence-based medicine and science

If you have a request for something like this, don’t waste your time and mine.

Oб авторе

Я — научный журналист, поэтому пишу и публикуюсь.

Я — нутрициолог, поэтому в основном пишу о еде и питании.